YouTube Channel

Each week there is a video that accompanies the blog entry and you can check that out HERE.

The videos are part of the bigger picture ie the blog entry, so in that sense are not self-contained, but need to be viewed in the wider context.

In some ways the video is a trailer for the blog entry that appears on the website.

Like the published piece, the uploaded video is primarily inspirational. The intention is to encourage and motivate.

There is usually a certain amount of technical information, for example tackle used when fishing, but if not in the video then it will be on the website.

Due to the fact though that there is a weekly video and numerous uploads of the same venue, method and species etc then not every video, or even blog entry, contains the same basic information.

For regular viewers that would be quite repetitive and that’s where the search engine on the website comes in handy.

Venues are rarely disclosed, for obvious reasons.

The videos are monetised and I know for many that ads are a nuisance and people skip them as soon as they are able. However, with my wife I run a small charity working in Africa, and we have set the account so that anything that comes in from advertisements goes directly in the charity bank account.

So, if you can let the occasional one run, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Enjoy the videos and be inspired.