On my social media accounts of Facebook and Twitter I post regularly under the hashtag #RevsReflections. These are essentially inspirational quotes or life lessons designed to challenge, edify and encourage.

The world of social media can be quite murky at times with lots of negativity, sarcasm and ranting finding its way on there. The reality is that whatever we take into our lives will affect us. Junk in, junk out.

On the other hand, good stuff in and good stuff out. That’s where #RevsReflections comes in. It’s a deliberate attempt to bring light into the darkness.

With thirty-plus years of first-hand pastoral experience that has involved lots of counselling and standing alongside people, it’s a way of sharing that will hopefully be a source of inspiration to others. I’ve also been a qualified Life Coach for many years.

While the thoughts and messages that come through are based on life’s observations they aren’t outlets for personal feelings. That would defeat the whole object of what it’s all about. There’s nothing subliminal about them.

In addition, they’re not condescending or patronising either. I challenge myself every day to become a better person. We all make mistakes, we all stumble but to recognise that and learn from our errors is a noble path. I don’t know about you but I’m a work in progress.

Enjoy #RevsReflections and if you’re encouraged by any of them why not share on Facebook or RT on Twitter. Thanks.