Passes And Lanyards 2020 / 2021

The New Saints FC. UEFA Europa League v MŠK Žilina. August 2020. Red zone pass. (1) Football Memorabilia From TNS FC V MŠK Žilina

The New Saints FC. JD Cymru Premier v Barry Town United at Jenner Park. Scott Ruscoe’s accreditation pass. September 2020. Signed with message. (2) Football Memorabilia From Barry Town United Versus The New Saints

B36 Tórshavn. UEFA Europa League v The New Saints FC. September 2020. Four match day passes. 1. Dear Rev, Best Wishes. Greg Draper. 2. Rev, All The Best, Mazza. Chris Marriott. 3. To Rev, Not A Good Trip But Always a Good Smile. Simon Spender. 4. Mine. Football Memorabilia Items From The Faroe Islands