Nature Watch – October 2016

img_0563   October 1 – Dipper x2 sightings, red kite x2, grey wagtail x2, goosander f, kingfisher, cormorant x2, nuthatch. Water forget-me-not x1 colony in Bloom. River Clun. Shropshire

 October 2 – Common buzzard low in flight over Tipton in the urban Black Country. Staffordshire

 October 3 – Grey heron, grey wagtail x2. Staffs/Worcs Canal, Staffordshire      Jay, common buzzard x2. Turls Hill, Sedgley, Staffordshire

 October 4 – Rabbit on grass car park at Park Hall, Shropshire. A few yards from the TNS ground. I can’t see that happening in the English Premier League.

 October 5 – c25 great black-backed gull in field near Shottaton, Shropshire.

 October 6 – Common frog x3 in garden pond. Sedgley, Staffordshire.

 October 7 – Grey wagtail x2, grey heron at Staffs/Worcs Canal, Staffordshire. Grey wagtail, goosander f at River Stour, Staffordshire.

 October 8 – I thought my butterfly sightings had dried up for the year but a small white flew past while I was on TNS Radio at Station Park. Waiting to do post-match interviews and 2 x rooks perched at the top of the stand. Forfar, Angus.

October 9 – Unfortunately no time to go birding but lots of herring gulls around. Don’t see many at home so a visit to the coast is always welcome, if only for that. Dundee, Angus. Jackdaw with so much white that I had to look twice to see what it was. On a service station in Scotland, heading towards Carlisle..

 October 10 – Calling raven in flight over my garden. Seeing – and hearing – more and more in recent times. Sedgley.    Kingfisher on Staffs/Worcs Canal. Staffordshire

 October 11 – Two butterfly sightings:  first (no id), followed by a small tortoiseshell. Goosander 1f on Seggy Pool, goosander 7f on Brim Pool. Mistle thrush x2, kingfisher, goldfinch c60, red campion in flower. Dudmaston, Shropshire

October 12  – Canada goose c.150 greylag goose 6. It’s always good to look closely at large bird flocks to see if anything else is lurking in with them. Himley Hall. Staffordshire.

October 13 – Several common frog showing in my garden pond. Sedgley, Staffordshire.

October 14 – Red campion in bloom, grey wagtail (2), raven (2) in flight, kingfisher. 10 very active grey squirrels around a chestnut tree. Dudmaston, Shropshire.

October 15 – Kingfisher calling in flight, Staffs/Worcs canal, Staffordshire. Kestrel perched by road, Ackleton, Shropshire.

October 16 – Two kingfisher in flight along the Staffs/Worcs Canal, Staffordshire.

October 17 – Two common frog showing in my garden pond. Sedgley, Staffordshire.

October 18 – Six lapwing in flight near Cound, Shropshire. Barn owl near Crew Green, Montgomeryshire.

October 19 – Common mallow in flower in my garden. Sedgley, Staffordshire.

October 20 – Kestrel perched on telephone wire. Worfield, Shropshire. Grey wagtail, raven, wood pigeon with two young at nesting site. Dudmaston, Shropshire.

October 21 – Starling c40 murmuration. Himley, Staffordshire.

October 22 – Grey wagtail, green woodpecker. Swindon, Staffordshire.

October 23 – Lapwing c200 in flight. Near Shrawardine, Shropshire.

October 24 – Common mallow in flower. Sedgley, Staffordshire.

October 25 – Jackdaw heading into what looked like a nesting site at Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Well, it has been very mild so you never know.

October 26 – Lesser black-backed gull in flight over Sedgley, Staffordshire.

October 27 – Little owl perched in tree near Swindon, Staffordshire.

October 28 – Starling c12 in trees at Bentley Bridge, Staffordshire. Flocks quite common now across the area.

October 29 – Kingfisher, redwing c30, raven 2 in flight, grey wagtail. Staffs/Worcs Canal, Staffordshire.

October 30 – Starling c60 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

October 31 – Grey squirrel in garden. Sedgley, Staffordshire.