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Hello, I’m Stewart Bloor, welcome to my personal website. Find out more about me: CLICK HERE. I posted my first blog entry on July 5 2003 and there’s been an update every single Saturday since. I hear many comments about dedication and commitment, and yes, that’s true. However, it’s also a labour of love.

It started out as pure fishing (known as Stewart Bloor’s Angling Journal) but has evolved over the years to the point where it is now a personal blog that encompasses a much wider range of content. Of course, being a big part of my life, it’s still full of angling-related stuff.

There’s also lots of football included. Not only am I a fan, but I’m also the Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints FC in the Welsh Premier League, so that obviously finds itself in there as well on a regular basis.

I do watch football on TV, but you can’t beat a live game. During 2016 / 2017 I was on a mission to watch 100 matches. See how I got on:  CLICK HERE.

During my time working in football I’ve also started to build up a personal memorabilia collection. After three full seasons I decided to put it all together in an online ‘museum’ which you can access by

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The current format consists of videos from my YouTube channel and embedded Facebook posts. The former are good as they bring another dimension to the posts and the latter are great as they allow me to compose an entry as the week progresses.

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