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  1. Hi Stewart, lovely perch a week or so back.

    I got my BAA license about a month ago and have fished the staffs/worcs about 10 times. Mainly fishing it for a couple of of hours once the kids are in bed. Can’t believe how many bream I’m having. I lost a decent carp about 3 weeks ago and forgot that horrible feeling you get, I was still thinking about it 24 hours later. Anyway, I kept persevering and eventually landed a 6lb common on Friday evening, I was over the moon.

    On an equally positive note, I’m almost certain a hobby flew over my swim on consecutive evenings.

    Tight lines.


    1. That’s great, Chris. This is the time of the year for those late sessions.
      There’s been a bream explosion, I’m catching lots as well from several stretches.
      That’s great on the carp, a nice fish as well for the canal.
      I saw a hobby in the Swindon/Hinksford area a couple or so years ago now.
      I know where they breed in Shropshire, not that far as the crow flies, so will spot them in migration flight.
      I’d love to see one from my garden, that would be an impressive tick.


  2. Just want to say thanks for the positive videos. Loving the fishing cant wait for the rivers to open up local to me. Thankfully i am lucky enough to live in the lovely Malvern hills area where even if i can’t get on the bank there is plenty in nature to be observing with the vast hills, SSSI’s and nature reserves near. Bing on the 15th!

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    1. Hello and thanks for the comments.
      I can see the Malvern Hills from where I live!
      Also the Clee Hills and Clent Hills!
      Not long now till the rivers open.


      1. Oh lovely, such a nice area to live in. We are both very fortunate. Might see you on the bank sometime ha!


  3. Hello again Stewart, I’ve just watched your video about the old club ‘outings’ of four decades ago. Brilliant stuff! I’m 67 this year and remember with fondness those much anticipated Sunday jaunts. I must say your club invested in much classier trophies than ours, all of mine have fallen by the wayside over the years! I can recall vividly the smoke filled buses crammed with creels and holdalls, the palpable excitement and the apprehension at the ever present threat of breaking down ! I recall one trip in the early Seventie’s, travelling to a big match on the Huntspill when the coach company had let us down so at the last minute one of the party, a farmers son, turned up with a cattle truck! We sat in the back on our baskets and made the journey in good time. An added bonus that day was meeting Ivan Marks who was fishing that day with a few of his Likely Lads. They were at the top of their game then having won the first division national recently. Wonderful stuff, thanks for the memory jogger, tight lines, Paul Huxtable.

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    1. Hello, Paul. Some fantastic memories there. I’m 60 next birthday, so from the same general time span and can appreciate everything you said.
      The memories of Ivan Marks live on. Just the other day I was fishing and a man stopped his car (I was by a canal road bridge) and came over to ask if I had caught anything.
      As we chatted (he was a match angler) he mentioned knowing Ivan Marks.
      I became familiar with him from my young days as a child reading the Angling Times.
      I can’t believe it’s been almost 17 years since he passed away. Time flies and a reminder to us all that it’s a short one as well in the big scheme of things.
      Yes, our trophies were quite decent. I’ve just this last week put mine out on display after moving home recently.


  4. Nice Perch today Stewart. That video reminded me of our first holiday to the Vendee in France about 20 years ago with wife and kids. Three weeks camping, great weather. The campsite had a river at the bottom. I went to the supermarket and bought a cheap pole and some basic kit. I was catching small catfish and caught one in an eddy but couldn’t get the hook out as I hadn’t got a disgorger, I was really disappointed with myself and bit the line near its lip. The next day I bought a disgorger, went back, same eddy. Caught the same fish and took both hooks out! Happy fishing 😀

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    1. Hello, Simon. Nice story and it reminds me of losing a fish on Rhosneigr beach and then I caught it later on, with the hook and line still intact.
      Tight lines!


  5. Hello rev, I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube fot around 18 months, I haven’t previously commented.
    I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your videos and appreciate your ‘life advice’, it has helped me significantly, also the fact your constantly busy has motivated me to be similar.
    I am fishing atleast 5/7 days at the moment, I’m an all rounder/specimin hunter like yourself, cracking perch today mate.
    I blanked my last 2 sessions, but the 2 prior I had a carp around 3lb and a tench around 2.5lb, these are from wild unstocked venues, the sort of fishing I love.
    I would like to add, that I do believe it would be beneficial to your YouTube viewers if you would enable the comments section, that way we could build a community around your videos, and it would just generally be a nice thing to have the option.
    Saying that I do understand and appreciate your concerns regarding time management etc.
    Anyway rev, I just want to say you’re a great man and thank you!

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    1. Hello, Martin. Love that post! Thanks for the very kind words.
      Good fishing from the wild venues as well.
      It’s very pleasing being busy with a purpose isn’t it!
      Tight lines.


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