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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. We had two Springers who both lived to the ripe old age of 17, it’s always hard when you lose a faithful and loved pet but even more so when they have been with you for so long.
    I hope your fishing helps to take your mind off it.
    Kind regards.

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    1. Hello, Richard. Thanks for the kind words.
      You get so attached to them don’t you. You know what’s coming but it still hurts.
      Sorry to hear about your dogs, you know the pain as well.
      Tight lines.


  2. Hi Stewart,
    Just watched the first video of May and was so sorry to hear about you losing your dear companion. I’ve been through two black labs, both great companions and still much missed. I don’t know if I could go through saying goodbye to another canine friend. You’ll have lots of lovely memories, which will cheer you up in the future.
    Tight lines,

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    1. Hello, Roy. Appreciate the kind words. We’ve said farewell to two Bedlingtons now, I know exactly how you feel as well.
      Some great memories indeed!
      Tight lines!


  3. Hi Stewart
    Very sad for you and your family with the loss of the family pet , watched the latest fishing vlog and our hearts are reaching out to you .
    Lifes hard at times
    Tony Margaret

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  4. Hi stew, as you know I do lure fish alot and by looking at your vids sitting and relaxing at the canal watching the float… it finally persuaded me to down the lure rod for awhile and have a quiet session sitting by the canal fishing and whilst sitting there I now see alot more wildlife especially birds, oh and I bring the flask of tea and sambo!😁 I leger for now haven’t used a float, but may do eventually. My first fish was a small roach! I was delighted as I wouldn’t have caught that species lure fishing. Great tips you give on the float set-up, I’ll keep that in mind. Keep up the great relaxing fishing vids you do and thoughts for the day. Tight lines 👍🎣


    1. Hello, Declan. That’s great, good to hear you’ve gone down that route.
      Nice one on the roach and of course, you need a flask of tea!
      Thanks for the comments. Tight lines!


  5. Happy birthday Stewart. Hope you’ve had a good day, I think you are allowed 4 extra casts as it’s your birthday. Thanks for the mention a couple of weeks back, no visitors to the pond yet but need to put some plants in, your pond seems to be doing really well.

    It’s nice to see how many bream you have been catching lately, I’m looking forward to fishing the canals soon. After watching your lure video I will definately try some lure fishing, I haven’t fished that way for years.

    Finally, I saw a mink near to the Hinksford Bridge at the end of 2019. I also saw what I thought were 2 otters near to Gothersley, but they were probably minks.

    Tight lines


    1. Hello, Chris. Thanks and you’re welcome.
      It’s always easier if there are ponds in the area already, as you’ve got amphibians who will move.
      Yes, plenty of small bream around. There’s a good variety of fish in there for sure.
      I’d recommend lure fishing, it’s a great way to get out there when time is tight.
      I’ve seen numerous mink on the Staffs/Worcs Canal. Too many.
      I’ve also had several otter sightings as well over the years. Also, on the River Stour.


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