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  1. Hi Stewart,
    Like you I too experienced a vaccine hangover with chills thriough the night
    and a headache this morning, having had the first dose yesterday at the Etihad Tennis centre
    adjacent to the Manchester City stadium. I feel fine now.
    Talking of gudgeon, I went to the Northern Angling Show last year which had a fish tank exhibited
    by the Canal Trust claiming to contain all fish found in the canal, all but the gudgeon.
    When I asked why, I was told the perch had eaten the gudgeon !

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    1. Hello, Peter. Glad you’re ok now though.
      The Staffs/Worcs Canal used to be full of gudgeon then they largely disappeared.
      You would catch the occasional one but nothing like previously, certainly on the stretches I fished.
      The perch were getting bigger, chub started to spread and even pike are more common now.
      I thought it was the end of the gudgeon but it’s great to see them back.


  2. What a perch! Have really enjoyed your latest videos on the canal, I know the one spot very well that you were fishing a few days back….lovely to see that you were catching a bream a session, I have caught a few 1/2 a mile north. I drove past last Monday night I think it was and could see you fishing, it was just before dusk. The apocalyptic weather forecasts from the Express made me laugh, I often see them. Hope you haven’t been drinking too many maggots of late. Tight lines.

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    1. Nice one, Chris!
      I didn’t disguise the spot. It’s been ok during these really cold spells, but now the weather is improving I’ve moved on.
      It was great to catch the perch, last cast as well!
      Nice one on the bream, it’s good to see them more and more now along the canal and they’ve certainly rescued a few blanks for me in the last few weeks.


  3. Hello , been watching your videos for a little while and i just want to say keep up with the videos . They are great ! . Love the fishing videos .


  4. Hello Stuart,
    I’ve followed you for many years on YT and enjoyed all your videos. Lately though, the thought for the day has become more of interest than the fishing. With all that life throws at us, a simple principled action can make the world of difference to our own lives and others. I know that your words are based on biblical teaching and I wholeheartedly adhere to that. We can be taught without being preached to and I’d like to thank you for that.
    Each and every time I am fishing in the countryside and observe all that surrounds me, I can’t fail to see the incredible variety, complexity, order and design. For me personally, there is no denying the existence of a Creator.
    Anyway, with the weather forecast being good for today, I’m going to start my 2021 angling campaign and have a few hours down at Awbridge.
    Thanks again Stuart.

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  5. Hi
    I regularly catch the invasive crayfish but haven’t got the heart to dispose of them and feel guilty when put them back.What would you advise?


    1. Hello, Dave. It’s illegal to return them but ultimately when you’re out and about on your own, I guess it’s more of a conscience thing.
      From what I can see, most anglers don’t worry about killing them.
      As long as it’s quick, that’s the right way.


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