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  1. Hi Stewart,

    Like many others on your comments, I too came across your videos due to a shared interest in fishing ( I’m from Wolverhampton and a wolves fan too). However as you chat away on your fishing videos or part some of your wisdom it really is like you are talking to me personally. My year hasn’t gone the way I would have liked and the COVID situation has stalled my plans at the moment with regard to a change of career. I think its extremely important to be happy in your chosen career/workplace as it’s such a big part of our life. Well I’ve been unhappy in mine for some time but I’ve never had the guts to leave and try something new out of fear. I’m not much of a risk taker, but I feel I’ve got to that stage now where I have to, otherwise ill look back on life with too many what ifs and regrets. I’ve got too many of those already! Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your YouTube presence. It really does help a lot of people.

    Take Care



    1. Hello, Mike. Thank you for those very kind words.
      It’s been a tough year all round for so many people, hopefully we’ll turn things round sooner rather than later.
      All the very best for your future plans.
      Tight lines and let’s hope Wolves turn their corner as well!


  2. Thanks for the mention last night and for Faith.

    Wolves are a different level to us, so I’m sure the tables will be turned at The Hawthorns.

    Nice to see you the other day. I loved the ‘good habits’ thought for the day. It really challenged me to get into a better habit with my quiet times, I even mentioned it when I recorded the worship for our church as a challenge to the congregation.

    Hope the weight loss is going well, I lost 12lb from November to January, but have not done so well the last few weeks.


    1. You’re welcome, Chris.
      Wolves aren’t doing too well at the moment, it was as good a time as any to play them. Quality win though!
      Likewise and thanks. That’s great.
      I’m static so far this year but no junk food so the focus on lifestyle change is on track. I’ll lose a few pounds though, I’m sure, by the end of the month.


  3. Happy new year stewart, i have followed your videos for a long time , it started out as im a keen fisherman.The last year hasnt been my year , just struggled with a few things , but would love to tell you your short videos about energy , posistivity etc really do help .Thank you very much


    1. Happy New Year. Thank you very much for your kind words.
      Sorry to hear about last year, praying that this one is much better.
      Tight lines!


  4. Hi Stewart on Wednesday understanding that fishing was prohibited under lockdown regulations
    I and my brother John took all the pike fishing gear to his storage unit. John returns to his family in Thailand next week and my new accommodation in Chester has no room for fishing tackle. We tossed a veritable ton of frozen dead bait into the River Dee, We had planned one last trip this Sunday. Wednesday evening I discovered that the laudable Angling Trust had negotiated an exemption for angling. Alas too late to rectify matters!! still Tight Lines to yourself and everyone else who follows your website. If any Chester based reader fancies targeting the pike , I would suggest wetting a line underneath the suspension bridge over the River Dee, with all that bait gone in the pike will be queuing up lol.


    1. Hello, Dave. I wasn’t expecting everything to turn around so quickly – or even at all. However, I’m glad it did, of course.
      Sounds like the area has been well and truly pre-baited!
      Hope all goes well in your new place.


      1. Thank you, Stewart. My brother will enjoy fishing again in the warmer climes of Thailand. Today the River Dee is fogbound, I can`t see the far bank. I hope to return to Uganda to live and work later this year. I will do some fishing there trying for Nile Tilapia and catfish. Tight lines to all braving the elements this weekend.


        1. I’m sure the ‘warmer’ will be the appeal at the moment! Uganda fishing sounds great.
          It was minus when I set off this morning, no other anglers here. Can’t understand why…


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