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    1. It is something I do think about occasionally but when I closed the comments it was just a personal time issue. Another layer of commitment to not do, as we know the whole social media thing can become time consuming.
      I’m not averse to opening the comments option though, so let’s see!


  1. Hi Stewart, Enjoying your lure fishing videos as always, I have some of those 1 inch & 2 inch gliders, you use a 1g jig head but what size hook is the 1g jig head.. Hope the Home renovations are all sorted now and of course hope young Dilwyn is good.


    1. Hello, Jim.
      Good question, I realise I don’t mention that. I use size 4 or 6, preferably the latter with the two inch glider.
      Almost over the line now and Dilwyn is great!


    1. I’ve been really busy with other stuff so very much limited to short lure sessions.
      There is light at the end of the busy tunnel though, so looking to expand my angling horizons in due course.


  2. Hi Stewart
    Here is a mini challenge can you target the Stickleback in that small Brook using a different method for example stick float with that mini road and reel

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