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  1. Even though I absolutely adore fishing, particularly lure fishing, when we move from Summer into Autumn I somehow start to lose the motivation to go fishing and this ultimately has a detrimental effect on my mental health. It happens every year without fail

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    1. Hello, Peter. Sorry to hear that. Without doubt, I think being in the great outdoors definitely has a positive bearing on our mental health.


  2. Hi Stewart , Paul Huxtable here again in Staffordshire. A Welsh exile. It was nice to see images of my home ‘town’ Swansea ( it will always be that ugly lovely town to me despite its city status!) . Where you filmed in the marina was just yards from where a pal and I first fished with a worm tied to cotton filched from mums sewing box! Needless to say it wasn’t very successful!

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    1. Hello, Paul. Enjoyed the stay in Swansea and the walk around the centre.
      Funnily enough I was thinking when I visited the marina, I should have brought a rod!
      In reality though, I didn’t have that much time or space to take anything.


  3. Hi Stewart, as usual really enjoying your short lure fishing videos, As a Black Country fellow myself I recognise where you are fishing, do you have to pay to fish, Also nice to see your home renovations coming towards the end.. How’s Dilwyn coming along now.

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    1. Hello, Jim.
      Thanks, I’m enjoying lure fishing very much.
      You can fish there day ticket, pay on the bank. I’m in the syndicate though so works out well with short sessions, plus I can fish 24/7 which you can’t otherwise.
      Yes, almost there! As I write this I’m looking at scaffolding outside the window. That’s ready to go now so hopefully soon.
      He’s doing really well, thanks, and due a blog entry very soon because he’s now four months old!


  4. Hi Stewart, love the short lure sessions you do it’s great when time is an issue. I’ve also been stuck for time and used a light telescopic rod to lure fish it’s compact, light and i can squeeze a quick lure session in here and there! I notice you bring a flask of tea with you on your fishing trips, how do you make it up in the flask complete as in has the milk etc ready to pour 👍🎣

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    1. Hello, Declan. Great, it’s the way to go when time is tight. Plus, you still catch fish as well!
      I put everything in the flask at home, so just pour and go on the bank!


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