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  1. Hi Stewart.

    Would be interesting if you added like a Gallery tab on the site where you post photos of your most memorable catches. Perhaps your PB for each species or something.

  2. Rev,

    I have been watching your videos for a while on YouTube, and have only just now discovered your blog and website.

    I am absolutely over joyed at finding out that you’re an ordained member of the church – I guess I am lucky in the sense that a few years back, the Holy Spirit saved me from complete self destruction, and the church played a big part in my therapy following a spat of ill mental health.

    Since then, fishing has been the main joy in my life and I regularly pursue the species to be found in the lakes and rivers around Birmingham – your videos from The River Severn have helped identify some great swims, so thanks for that too.

    I’d love to have a session with you one day and talk about life, football and fishing.

    Peace be with you!

    Matthew Burke

    1. Hello, Matthew. Thanks for sharing, it’s good to hear you’re on the same path in life as me.
      My faith is very important, great to hear you share that too
      Tight lines and every blessing!

  3. Just spent quite a while browsing your website! As a groudhopper myself, I’m thoroughly impressed! Great memorabilia collection too! Hopefully meet you one day down at TNS!

    1. Nice one, Mike. I love the memorabilia collection especially, as it’s all personal.
      Once football gets back underway, get in touch again and I’ll give you a tour of the TNS FC ground, meet the players etc.

  4. Hi Stewart,

    I recently watched a YouTube video from your visit to RAF Cosford to watch their football team play against Telford Jrs. I am the Cosford manager and would like to welcome you back as a guest to one of our competitive games, when the season is back up and running.

    It would be great to have you over again.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello, Craig. I enjoyed my visit very much.
      I’d love to come to another game, that would be great.
      If you want, I’d be more than happy to do a blog entry on my visit, around the game and behind the scenes. Plus, post-match interview if you like.
      Just let me know in due course, no rush.
      See you soon!

    1. Hello, Secret Angler. Thanks, I’ve just added you to the featured blogs list.
      You were already in the list, funnily enough I was reading your blog the other day.
      Stay safe.

    2. Like you say in your most recent YouTube video Stewart, everyone needs a hobby, an escape maybe for a work life balance. I’ve been plagued by anxiety and depression for a great deal of my adult life and I am so glad that I found fishing, because it gives me an escape, a release, something else to concentrate my mind instead of the anxiety and depression. I got into canal lure fishing after reading the online journal’s of Eric Weight, the journal taught me a lot about lure fishing and gave me an escape from all my mental health issues, sadly Eric no longer keeps up the journal, but I continue to lure fish using the knowledge that the journal provided me, and I am really grateful to Eric for this

      1. Hello, Peter. Indeed, I do enjoy a number of things but it’s true to say that angling is at the top of the tree.
        Thanks for commenting and all the very best.
        Tight lines.

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