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  1. I’m aware Stewart you’ll know more about perch and perch fishing than me. However, could the three blanks in a row on your perch pool be caused by the recent sunny weather, given that perch are believed to hunt when light levels are low? I’ll brace myself for someone to interject with how their PB perch came at midday on the hottest day of the year, but if we think in percentage terms rather than getting distracted by outliers, early and late probably best for perch. Any way what do I know, two out of my all time top three perch were caught on bread ….



    1. Hello, Clive.
      I’ve had lots of perch from there in the past in similar conditions. Big ones are a different ball game but it was/is full of small perch and they were always very obliging indeed.
      In fact, it was ideal for a short sessions on warm sunny days on the way back from work. Comfortable fishing with lots of fish.
      Plus, it’s coloured and deep with lots of overhanging branches and submerged roots, so light levels aren’t too much of a consideration.


  2. Hi stewart. This is the third time I have replied to you which is very unusual as I never get involved in social media. I have been lure fishing myself today on the Leeds Liverpool canal. It was difficult just the one small perch on the dropshot, nothing on small jigheads. Our canal is very difficult lure fishing. Some sessions I have had 70 perch, but I did not catch any in January, February or the first half of March. I did start to get some better perch about a month ago but it is back to the difficult sessions scratching out the odd ones. I fish nice and light, have loads of lures, small hooks etc but it is hard. Like you I’m happy being out on the bank. The canal is only 5 minutes from where I live and I’m in the countryside. Happy days. I would like to see some well known perch bloggers have a go on our canal and see how they get on, or not. Keep on blogging and sharing your thoughts. Take care and tight lines.


    1. Hello, Colin. Always good to hear from you.
      It’s nice to have the canal so close and in the countryside.
      The reality of lure fishing, especially when you do short sessions. It’s not as easy as we’d like sometimes!
      Thanks for the comments and tight lines.


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