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  1. I do enjoy your blog, more so the fishing videos on YouTube.

    I used to be an avid football fan and watch anyone but the Premier League has ruined that. I rarely watch it now and I refuse to give my money to the big clubs.

    I need to get the lure rid out more. It’s 12 months old and still not had a fish on it. Only used it twice. But story of my fishing. I need to take a leaf out of your book and try and be an opportunist to maximise my time on the bank. But my wife and young daughter have other ideas! Take care and tight lines


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    1. Hello, Lee. Nice one.
      A lot of fans feel disillusioned with the EPL. Still plenty of great alternatives though. I love non-league football especially.
      Get the lure rod out, indeed. A great way to get some quality fishing in when time is at a premium.
      Tight lines, Lee.


  2. Hi Stewart
    In your last house you had a room for all your fishing related items just wondering what’s happened to all your gear and when you have your place all sorted will you do a tackle room review
    Regards Andy


  3. Hi stewart it’s Colin again. Just watched your latest lure fishing video. I have done a lot of lure fishing lately on our local canal and can’t catch anything on jigheads but getting loads on the dropshot. Fished myself today for 2 hours and caught about 50 perch and 2 jacks, all close in and i have noticed the pike becoming a lot more active lately. We should be catching on jigs but for some reason it’s just not happening but that’s fishing for you. The good times won’t last though. Last year I didnt catch any perch in January, February and half of March 10 weeks in total. This coming winter I have a cunning plan though, not sure if it will work on our canal though !!!

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    1. Hello, Colin. That’s a pretty impressive catch for a couple of hours fishing.
      I’ll be back on track soon with some lure fish on the bank!
      Hope your plan comes to fruition!
      Tight lines!


      1. Hi Stewart. It tends to be feast or famine on the Leeds Liverpool canal. It’s very weedy towards Liverpool so you can only drop it in the holes in the weed and when playing it’s a fish every cast. When it gets colder it can be rock hard though. Simple when good but I need answers for the winter period. I have had a few sessions like yesterday recently but as I have mentioned this is peak/feast time and trust me won’t quick mention for you bloggers. Thanks so very much for all your effort and information. I have learned so much even as an experienced angler. What’s the old saying never to old to learn. The dropshot setup I am using is taken from a fellow blogger, simple but brilliant. This uses a tiny loop instead of the usual dropshot knot and gives the lure loads of movement so thanks to all you fishing bloggers.


        1. Hello again, Colin.
          Nice one and it certainly seems a year of two halves on the venue.
          Agree with you about learning though, we should never stop. Not just fishing but life.
          Tight lines, not only for now but also January and February!


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