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  1. Hello again Stewart, picking up on your recent canal videos and the people that stop to talk with you on the towpath. This is one of the features I’ve enjoyed since moving to Fradley. I must admit I also enjoy a bit of solitude as a contrast, but particularly being new to an area it’s been nice to meet people and make new acquaintances particularly in the current situation . Of course my Welsh accent is a good conversation opener but I’v been surprised by how many people have said to me “why on earth did you move to here from Wales?” When I dig for the reasons behind these comments it seems to mainly revolve around perceived over population of the locality with additional comments like ” you wait when the Summer comes, you won’t be able to move around here” also many seem to consider Wales to be a much greener and more pleasant land. I counter this with the statement that it is certainly a much wetter land and I’m certainly not missing the large amounts of rain that Wales enjoys? So anyway I’ll be out this evening on the canal at Fradley Junction, probably the busiest part of the system and will hopefully enjoy making yet more new acquaintances. All the best, Paul Huxtable.

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    1. Shwmae, Paul.
      I guess it depends where in Wales you move from! Although I love Cardiff, I wouldn’t want to live there as I don’t like urban life.
      Give me a remote village in Merionethshire any day!
      Preferably on the coast so I can go sea fishing!
      Tight lines on Friday.


      1. Hi Stewart, we moved from the Swansea Valley, ten miles from the City with all its attractions and not too far from the Gower Peninsular where I enjoyed some fabulous Sea Fishing through the Seventie’s and Eighties. As almost everywhere the fishing has deteriorated dramatically, even so I will miss the coast and the fishing despite the really good fishing being but a memory. Kind regards Paul.


        1. Hello, Paul. Nice, I’d love to live that close to the Welsh coast. Still, I get to enjoy plenty of sea fishing during the course of the year.
          I’m looking forward to getting bank out in due course.
          Enjoy your session on Friday.


  2. Hi, great videos, I’ve heard you talk about your memories of catching Gudgeon from the Staffs and Worcestershire Canal, back in the 70s I think it was, I share similar memories I was in my teen years, I also remember catching Stone loach but I haven’t seen one in years they seemed to disappear from the canal with the sticklebacks. did you ever catch Stone Loach?


    1. Hello, Dave. Thanks.
      Great memories, eh!
      Wonderful to see them back again in numbers.
      I never caught a stone loach but your reference to sticklebacks certainly brings back some memories.
      They used to be regular in the canal system but I can’t recall when I last saw one in a canal.


    2. I can also remember catching stone loach from the staffs Worcester at Coven. There were also some almost black ones that we called mud loach. Not seen any for years. It was not uncommon for matches to be won with over a hundred gudgeon in those days.


      1. Hello, Andrew. Nice one.
        My early days were limited to the Bratch, Wombourne, as I travelled by bike from Sedgley. Never had any stone loach, loads of gudgeon though!
        I can remember the big nets of gudgeon as well.


  3. Hi Stewart,
    Happy Easter and best wishes from Germany.
    I like your fishing and your attitude to it.
    Fishing ist so much more than presenting a double figure carp into the camera.
    Usually I spend a week around Easter fishing the emerald Isle for pike and coarse fish, but with the advent of Corona we must stay at home.
    Keep on fishing and happy Easter!

    Btw, the first fish from the Easter trip looks somehow hybridized to me. We caught them quite often in Irland, seldom over here.


    1. Hello, Chris. Thanks.
      Shame about Ireland, hopefully next season though.
      Funnily enough, when I watched the video back after the session, I thought it looked like a roach-bream hybrid.
      On the bank though, in the flesh, looked roach.
      There are plenty of hybrids on there so I’ve no doubt it had some bream in there.
      Happy Easter and tight lines.


  4. Hi Stewart,
    Just want to say me and my Dad really enjoy watching your videos. We are both really keen anglers and fish the Staffs/Worcs canal regularly. Just a quick question, have you fished the Smestow Brook before? I’m thinking of giving it ago once the season reopens!


    1. Hello, George. Nice one, thanks.
      Great canal, some nice fish in there, as you’ll know.
      From time to time, along with others. Always worth a go if you’re local. Tight lines!


    1. Hello, Matt. Nice one, glad it didn’t get crushed!
      I was reading your blog the other day and I thought, next time I go fishing, I’ll give him a mention, in particular with the house move.
      As they say, watch this space!


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