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  1. Hello Stewart
    I started watching your videos again a few months ago, always enjoy them, though not religious I like the positivity and enthusiasm you project. Just started fishing again, rod and line, minimal tackle for the session, keep it simple. I seemed to be catching more yesterday at a lake than the pole boys with their small vans worth of equipment. My view is to stick to 2 to 3 hours max and enjoy the day. Been three times so far and no blanks, about 30 to 40 yesterday and it wasn’t easy fishing. All the best.


    1. Hello, Simon. Thanks for the comments.
      Great to see you’re back on track with the angling and really enjoying it.
      Tight lines.


  2. Hi Stewart. I watch all your vids, not sure why as not religious but maybe just the simplicity. Don’t mean that in a nasty way. Go fishing myself and like you just enjoy being out in the fresh air. Note that you use 4lb maxima. Just to let you know that I have been testing the diameter of my lines with a micrometer. Maxima is well over stated diameter so 4lb .17 will be .20. It is also much stronger than stated. So probably 3lb would be ok for the canal.Also have you not thought of an insert waggler for the canal as would be more sensitive. Like you I fish for silvers and we are a dying breed. Most people now are carp mad. Fished local lake recently with corn and pellet and had some clonking roach and tench. Carp lads had zero. Going myself today on Prince Albert water for large Rudd and tench again using corn and pellet. Well you have to move with the times as fish now regard pellets as natural food even on natural waters. Keep well and safe and obviously keep fishing.

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    1. Hello, Colin.
      I know exactly what you mean by the video comments. Keeping it simple and easy to apply is the intention.
      For a few months now, although I’ve had 4lb Maxima Chameleon on the reel, there’s been a five feet length of 2lb 8oz fluorocarbon to the hook.
      They’ve been different sections to previous trips where I went straight through.
      In fact, not just for the bigger perch which would always be up there in intention, but also chub.
      I haven’t caught one yet from these current sections but previously I’ve had three different 6lb+ fish.
      I wouldn’t drop below 4lb on those sections.
      The 0.6g float I’ve been using for a while, with just a tiny tip showing is working well.
      Tight lines today, hope you get your target species. Big rudd are great looking fish aren’t they.


  3. Hi Stewart, As a recent subscriber to your channel I have to tell you I enjoy your videos, as a black country bloke myself and fisherman I look forward to reading your blog and as I said watching your videos.. The last 12 months have have been a bit tough mentally what with the pandemic and the loss of a close friend to Covid.. Watching your thought for the day videos has help lift me back up a little, so thanks for that.. also Inspired me to get out and do some fishing.. Regards, Jim

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    1. Hello, Jim. Thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated.
      Sorry to hear about your personal circumstances.
      Great to see you heading in the right direction.
      Stay strong, Jim, and tight lines.


  4. Hello Stuart, sorry to hear about the loss of Twinkle. Our pets become a part of our family don’t they, with their individual personalities. The pain is something only an animal lover can really appreciate. Like you said, we have to move on in life, but we have those memories to reflect on.

    I’ll be fishing the W&E canal over the next month or two and targeting the bream and tench. There are some stretches where I’ve had tench to 6lb and bream to 5lb. We are spoiled for choice in and around the Black Country regards canal fishing.
    I have managed to get a club card for KFAC this April, I’ve only been on the waiting list for 5 years! Already been to a couple of venues but can’t wait to try out Dudmaston and the various river stretches.
    I may bump into you one day?

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    1. Hello, Wayne. Thanks and very true comments on pets.
      Sounds good on the canal, enjoy!
      That’s great news about KFAC, the wait will be worth it.
      Dudmaston has always been the crown in the jewel, although there are some other venues that are also excellent ones.
      There is a club Facebook page which is worth joining (if you haven’t already), the members are helpful.
      Tight lines.


  5. Hi Stewart, really sorry to hear about Twinkle, she was a lovely dog. I thought your video was a nice tribute to her.

    All the best this week with TNS, hope you can get to the finishing line above Connah’s Quay, then two enjoyable weeks off work with plenty of fishing I’m sure.

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    1. Hello, Chris. Nice one, thanks.
      It’s a big week or so ahead, the reality is that whoever wins it will deserve to do so.
      Yes, definitely! Plenty of fishing. But like now but I’ll spread my wings more.


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