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  1. My thought for the day – ‘be careful whose mother you slight with your opinions’. Yes, my brother and I moved on decades ago, my dad had moved on by and large, but my mum ensured no Japanese products knowingly entered her home.

    It was very real and very raw to a generation in the UK., Even as a post-war child I knew two survivors of Japanese PoW camps. Neither were well men. One was our dentist and had the shakes. The other was a staunch atheist but heavily involved in the social side of the church. In my dad’s hearing, a local busybody queried this with the vicar. The vicar’s response; “George spent three years in a Japanese PoW camp. if you want to you can tell him there’s a God, but i’m not about to.”

    Thankfully I didn’t live through the WWII so wouldn’t assume to judge those, including my own mum, that did.



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