• I work full-time at The New Saints FC as the Media & Communications Officer. This is how I described my role on LinkedIn: Research, write and publish website articles. Write match reports. Post-match interviews with manager and players. Host TNS Radio, match day commentary and chat. Host events. Interviewer. Social media. Deal with media enquiries. Experience with Champions League, Scottish Challenge Cup and Welsh domestic football including JD Cymru Premier, Welsh Cup and Welsh League Cup etc. The word ‘etc’ is a whole world in itself.


  • I have a Bedlington Terrier called Twinkle. They are my favourite breed of dogs.


  • I enjoy reading the Famous Five, they’re my favourite fiction books.


  • I’ve been learning Welsh for several years. I work in Welsh football, I love the language and of course, it’s part of who I am even though I am English by birth and upbringing and very proud of that, by the way.


  • I am an ordained minister and that’s where the ‘Rev’ comes in as a nickname and even on my car registration plate. All the players at The New Saints call me Rev, only when they first sign and they don’t know, do they call me Stewart. Although the world of football is my main focus now, I am still the pastor of a small church. It’s called Tipton Family Church and if you’re in the Black Country, we’d love to see you.


  • I hold the current barbel record for Staffordshire’s River Sow, going back to August 2006.


  • I have been happily married to Debby since 1987.


  • I read the Bible every day. I am a committed Christian and my faith is very important to me. I came to faith in my early 20s and it changed my life.


  • I caught my first fish, a gudgeon, at the Bratch on the Staffs/Worcs Canal, back in the 1960s. I remember cycling all the way from Sedgley and back again, with my rod tied to the crossbar and my bag on my back, like it was yesterday. Although not necessarily the exact spot, I still fish the canal now.


  • I have two grown-up daughters.


  • I love British nature. Although I’ve seen the African big five in their native environment, I’m still very much connected with what’s going on around me.


  • I am a football fan who follows the fortunes of several teams. I’ve been groundhopping in recent years and enjoying it very much.


  • I am a grandfather, with a granddaughter and grandson to date.


  • I run a small registered charity, with my wife, that works in Africa. We’ve been doing this since the early 1990s and in that time we’ve raised in excess of one million pounds.


  • I fish a lot. I started angling when I was a child way back in the 1960s and even today at my age, when I’m going fishing the next day I’m still like a kid on Christmas Eve.


  • I love life. I use the tagline ‘Passionate About Much, Obsessed About Nothing’ a lot. It’s more than just a saying though, it’s a principle to live by.


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