About me

  • I was born in Staffordshire but I have Welsh roots
  • I am the Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints FC
  • I have a Bedlington Terrier called Twinkle
  • I enjoy reading the Famous Five, they’re my favourite fiction books
  • I’ve been learning Welsh for several years
  • I am an ordained minister
  • I hold the current barbel record for the River Sow
  • I have been happily married to Debby since 1987
  • I am the commentator on TNS Radio in the Welsh Premier League
  • I read the Bible every day
  • I caught my first fish, a gudgeon, at the Bratch on the Staffs/Worcs Canal
  • I have two grown-up daughters
  • I love British nature
  • I am a football fan who follows the fortunes of several teams
  • I am a grandfather
  • I run a small registered charity, with my wife, that works in Africa
  • I fish a lot
  • I love life

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