Four New Bird Species Visit The Garden

When we moved into our new home, right from day one we established a feeding station in the garden.

We had visitors from the off, but as time moved on, so did the frequency of the birds dropping by.

There was always going to be an increase once the weather conditions became harder for the birds, in terms of natural food available.

The garden is now busy throughout the day. The regulars from the beginning have now been joined by a small flock (c.6) of long-tailed tit.

It’s always great to see them when they visit, which is now daily.

The key to attracting birds is quite simple. Keep feeding them and they’ll keep coming.

Other new ticks for the year include nuthatch, siskin and wren. The updated list can be viewed via the link further below.

I made a short time-lapse film this morning of the feeding station. You can watch that below.

Welcome to my website, Welcome To My World. You can view all my garden nature posts HERE.

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