My Forever Home Came Today

I wrote in a blog entry a few weeks back that November was going to be a month of personal change, both happy and sad.

Well, today was the former, and as I mentioned in my last blog entry, my wife and I moved into our forever home.

If you’re a soul man like me, you will no doubt have picked up on the Diana Ross and The Supremes reference.


  1. Ha ha…
    I live on Ettingshall Park as you know – in fact in the semi-detached house my father bought in April 1959 for £1700!

    Also before then we lived in Millfields Road, Bilston – and we also had the tin bath in the kitchen! :)

    Fridges didn’t arrive with us until the mid-60’s … and the ‘meat safe’ (a small cabinet with a mesh window in the door) was the main repository of the decayable foodstuffs until then! :)


    1. Some great memories there, Steve! I can remember the pre-fridge days as well and having to buy things daily so that everything was fresh.
      It was Dovedale Court that I lived in when I was on the estate, the cul-de-sac just down from the cemetery.


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