Let’s Lose Some Weight In August Blog – Daily Updates

August 1

The video below includes some thoughts on diets and setting targets, as well as my own goal for the next four weeks. Daily updates, so, as they say, watch this space.

August 2

On the scales this morning and 1lb gone. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Positive eating yesterday, as well as exercise, including going for a run. In addition to losing weight, I’m also looking to improve on a healthy lifestyle overall.

I haven’t played football or been in a gym since March, so it’s about getting on track there as well.

August 3

As anyone who weighs themselves on a daily basis will tell you, weight fluctuates and will often go in the wrong direction, for no apparent reason.

That was the case with me this morning. It’s back to square one. The positive though is I haven’t put any weight on during August.

August 4

No change, so it’s still as you were. There’s always a positive though and, as with yesterday, I haven’t put any weight on.

August 5

I was expecting to lose two pounds today but I’ll settle for one. A step in the right direction. 1lb

August 6

I lost the second pound, a day later. 2lb


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