Live Blogging Through The Night – I’ve Got My Big Carp Head On

8.45 p.m. Hello and welcome to a lake that I fished recently. Amidst constant diving coots, I ended the night without baits and with tangled hook-lengths.

However, I’m back with a plan. It’s not a runs water and it’s certainly a challenge, but I feel confident, and that’s a good start.

You can watch the introduction video below. Feel free to keep me company via the comments box at the base of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you. Just type and post, no need to register.

9.00 p.m. Last time I fished here I was using small pop-up baits, and tinkering with the rigs, but this time I’m simplifying things. There’s no bottom weed, so 16mm boilies on a simple hair-rig set-up.

The coots aren’t really interested either, so that’s a big plus. The bigger baits have helped there, without a doubt. Just harder to deal with than 10mm.

Talking of birds, on my last visit, as I was loading the car in the morning I saw two little egrets fly overhead.

Like many anglers, I’m very keen on the natural world. Seen anything interesting yourself while out and about recently?

9.20 p.m. It’s been a gloomy day all round and we’re well into dusk now. It’s stopped raining and we should have a dry night. A chilly one, relatively speaking, but dry.

10.40 p.m. I’ve had a few one-bleep noises from the bite alarms, so that’s encouraging enough in itself.

I do love night fishing and people often ask me if I get scared being on my own, miles from anywhere. The answer’s no. In fact, you’re safer than being in a British town or city at night.

10.45 p.m. The rain is now quite heavy, so I checked the weather forecast again. It’s been changed from ‘dry’ to ‘heavy rain’ in the last hour.

Change it as it happens and you’ll definitely get it right! I’ve got an extended umbrella though, so not an issue for me, and the fish are wet anyway, so it doesn’t bother them.

11.30 p.m. I’m off the mark. Not the species that I came for but it shows my rig and approach is working. That’s good news.

Plus, I’m not a blanker. And the night is but young. Caught on a 16mm SBS Baits lobworm boilie.

12.15 a.m. I’m very hungry and if I was at home now, I’d be raiding the kitchen for sure. Extended fishing trips are a great way to lose weight.

12.30 a.m. A screamer on one of the rods saw me playing a big fish for five minutes. Then, what all carp anglers fear, the line went slack.

The dreaded hook-pull? Not quite, because when I reeled in, there was a scale the size of a 50p coin on the hook.

As I’d lost a foul-hooked fish – as opposed to one hooked legitimately in the mouth – it made me feel much better.

When you do this type of angling, you don’t get many bites of the cherry, and you need to take your chances when they come.

12.45 a.m. Casting out again, a barn owl flew across the lake. Nice!

5.30 a.m. Good things come to those that wait. It’s great when your plan comes together, isn’t it. Time to change the lead image as well.

7.00 a.m. That’s what you call a good night out. Off home now to continue with the rest of the day.


  1. Yes, that’s true. Rarely watch TV these days. Able to go on YouTube and find well produced content that you love. As I said previously, watching your videos is the next best thing to being on the bank and you can escape to the venues from your own living room even when you can’t fish yourself. Love the thoughts that you share and the nature too. I’m sure many others feel the same way too!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention 😁 my daughter was with me when I was watching it, her ears shot up and she said ‘Chris Jones’ in shock when she heard the mention. How lovely to see a barn owl, I see them quite often on the same road very locally, beautiful birds.

    1. You’re welcome!
      YouTube is to youngsters what TV was to us growing up. It’s like us hearing our name on television!
      Yes, thrilled to spot it. That’s great that you see regular sightings. Lovely birds.

  3. What a canal the Staffs Worcs canal is though to have on our doorstep, especially as I’m rather partial to catching Perch,Chub,Bream and Ruffe to mention just a few.

    I will be staying tuned to see how the Crucian campaign evolves, all the best for your evening adventure!

  4. All the best for this evening Rev!Im glad your getting in more quality sessions of late, but Im almost missing hearing you introduce your recent videos ‘Hello and welcome to the Staff’s Worcs canal’! It seems to have been a constant for those who tune in over the years.

    Hoping your campaign targeting the Crucians continue ,I don’t catch as many as I’d like, definitely on my radar to catch more in the not to distant future.

    1. Hello, Andy! I was only thinking this morning, it’s been ages since I was on the canal!
      I’ll be back more often once I get back to work though.
      I haven’t forgotten the crucian water and just this evening the club that controls the fishing on the ‘secret pool’ has negotiated night fishing. That’s on the agenda now.

  5. Spoke to soon – just been to the kitchen. Does the remains of a mouse the cat has mangled and dropped this side of the cat flap count. No, thought not! The cat is 14 so it must be a dozy mouse, as the blackbird fledgling carries on pecking the lawn within feet of him.

    1. Better rodents than birds. Talking of which, we had a rat on our bird table the other day in broad daylight.

      1. I think the worst was the live frog one of cats brought in and lost interest in – that was a chase for me. Mrs Sidestream won’t permit a bird table for that very reason.

        1. Yes, first time we’ve had a rat on there. It’s more of a feeding station than a bird table. It has a metal pole but the creature climbed the surrounding tree and jumped across. Very enterprising, if nothing else!

    1. Thrushes are decent, very rare in the immediate area I live. Got them over the nearby fields though.
      What do you mean by yellow finches? Yellowhammers?

      1. I actually meant green finches, but they always strike me as a very yellow shade of green. We’ve woods opposite and thrushes are usually about most years and they were common enough growing up in south London so I tend to be a bit blase about them. There again when I was a kid sparrows were two a penny.

        1. See a lot of greenfinches when I’m out and about but not in the garden. We do have a thriving colony of house sparrows though.

          1. I’m not a full on twitcher but I think the sparrow is bouncing back. I rarely saw a magpie as kid, whereas we cannot move 10 yards here without having to salute, so it is nature’s ebb and flow.

            1. I’m quite keen on birds myself, plus nature in general. Always have been ever since I was a child. Magpies are very common indeed now.

    1. You’re probably getting the band of rain that we had today. Should be dry all night here now. Hopefully, wet landing net though!

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