Chub And Perch On The River Severn In Worcestershire And Being Inspired By The Passions Of Others Even When It’s Not Your Hobby

Although I have a number of interests in my life, ranging from minor to major in terms of passion, there is no doubt that angling is most definitely at the latter end of the scale.

In fact, it would be true to say that it’s firmly seated at the head of the table. We’re all different and that’s witnessed perfectly when it comes to hobbies.

Even though another person’s pastime isn’t your thing, however, you can still learn something from them.

It might be their drive, motivation or dedication but nevertheless there are inevitably positives and encouragements that can be harvested.

It might be the passion of a train spotter or the enthusiasm of a fisherman. You may have no inclination to hang around a railway station or sit next to a lake, but if you look closely, there are inspirations to be had.

Back to this session on the lower Severn though, I caught predominantly chub, with just one perch in the net.

I was fishing a couple of rod lengths out from the bank, and with the river having minimal flow at the moment, used a small cage feeder with no problems at all.

Tackle was a Fox Barbel Special 11’ rod and an Okuma Zeon reel. The 6lb Maxima Chameleon went straight through.

The six-inch hook-length was created by a size 6 Dinsmores shot and a 5mm ESP bead. The cage feeder was a Drennan 15g and the hook a Drennan Super Specialist size 10. 

I fished worm on the hook and filled the cage feeder with brown crumb and red maggots.

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