U2 Had Their Streets With No Name – Welcome To Worcester, Where The Streets Have Fish Names

I first came across Dace Road some years ago, while driving, when I turned into it so I could go back on myself.

Then finding, courtesy of an internet search, that it was one of ten on an estate that bore the names of fish, I thought recently that it would make a good blog entry.

So, in the area for fishing, I took a drive around the estate itself and you can see the results of that via the short video (less than a minute) below.


  1. Hi Stewart, My uncle lived in a bungalow at 3, Vendace Drive , Lochmaben, DG11 1QN, The vendace is said to be the UK’s rarest fish and is now extinct in Mill Loch . As my uncle’s garden backed on to the loch I went spinning and caught some nice perch back in 1991. I don’t find the time to fish much these days but enjoy your blog. Tight lines, Peter

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    1. Hello, Peter. That’s certainly a great name and indeed our rarest fish.
      Nice website. Some good fish in the loch as well, by the looks of it.
      Thanks for your kind words, very much appreciated.


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