Eddie Kendricks – My Favourite Track

The easily-recognisable falsetto lead singer of The Temptations, after leaving the group, Eddie Kendricks went on to record nine solo Motown albums.

Although he departed in 1970, he did return the following year to record Just My Imagination, which incidentally is my favourite Temptations track.

Like David Ruffin before him, he never enjoyed anywhere near the success as a solo artist that he did with the group.

Nevertheless though, if you’re a fan, you appreciate the music regardless of chart position.

Talking of which, his most-well known songs, Boogie Down and Keep On Truckin’ were the only two to chart in the UK, at 39 and 18 respectively.

My favourite however, wasn’t a single but a track from his first album, All By Myself. Something’s Burning is the fifth song from the 1971 release, that saw seven tunes make the final cut.

Both the previous chart songs made the Motown Chartbusters Volume 9 album, and that’s me with the CD in the lead image.

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