Stevie Wonder – My Favourite Track

With so many great songs from Stevland Hardaway Morris (which are his birth names) over the years, you’d think that the vast majority of people would really struggle to choose just one.

However, for me, it’s an easy choice. Although there are other tracks that I really do love, Positivity stands head and shoulders over all.

The reason is in the title. It’s an inspiring song and whenever I hear it, it’s always uplifting. It’s one of those where the lyrics are very important.

It’s from the 2005 album, A Time To Love. I have that on CD, along with numerous other Stevie Wonder albums.

The lead image is a selection of some of my own CDs and vinyl from the man himself. Talking of the latter, you can check out my record collection via the menu option at the top of the page.


  1. For some reason never taken to Stevie Wonder as much as other Motown artists. My favourite track was when he was a teenage prodigy `Sign a Contract Of Love


    1. Funnily enough, I didn’t get into Stevie Wonder as much when I was younger. As I wrote with the Diana Ross track, I wasn’t a massive fan of the more commercial artists.
      I don’t know that song, I’ll check it out.


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