Diana Ross – My Favourite Track

I wasn’t a massive fan of Diana Ross in my younger days. I guess I’ve never been as much a follower of the more commercial / crossover side of Motown as I have the pure soul element.

However, in recent years I’ve broadened my mind, so to speak, as I’ve ‘accepted’ those who are in the wider ‘pop’ category.

As far as Diana Ross is concerned, a number of songs come to mind when considering a favourite. Tracks such as All Of My Life, It’s My House and Upside Down are all contenders.

However, it’s Last Time I Saw Him that does it for me. The title track from the 1973 album of the same name is one of the few times you’ll hear a banjo on a Tamla Motown song.

It tells the story of a girl who says goodbye to her man, as he sets off to another town to earn some money, so that they can have a good start in life.

However, he never returns, so the girl thinks there must be something wrong, even though her mom already has him sussed. He took her daughter’s cash and did a runner.

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