Diana Ross & The Supremes – My Favourite Track

Where do you even start when selecting just one song from among the numerous classics recorded by the all-girl trio?

There are so many contenders – Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart, The Happening, My World Is Empty Without You, to name just three personal favourites.

In fact, put me on the spot every six months and I’d probably select a different one each time. However, at the moment, there is definitely one that rises to the top of the pile.

I’m going for In And Out Of Love. The fact that I will play that song by choice when I’m doing my morning work-out on the stepper, plus it gets the repeat-button treatment more than anything else, means it’s my number one from the group.

The 1967 classic was the second single since Diana Ross was given headline billing. It was also the penultimate Holland-Dozier-Holland track that the songwriters penned for the group.

I’m not saying it was all downhill from there but, for me personally, Motown was very different once the legendary H-D-H partnership left.

Back to the song though, why do I like it? It just hits the spot. As soon as it starts, it gets you. There’s no build-up, it hits the ground running. It’s catchy.

I like the lyrics though, as they explore the theme of searching for true love, while experiencing not quite the real thing on a regular basis along the way.

I think many people can relate to that in their lives. The search for true love is a very real one. You think you’ve found it but on reflection you didn’t.

The track is from the Reflections album and you can listen below, as well as the video introducing the ‘series’ of favourite songs.

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