Z Is For Zapped – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

With no football at the moment, I’ve certainly enjoyed looking through some of my own memories from the beautiful game in 2019.

The A-Z journey comes to an end with the final letter of the alphabet, as Z is for zapped. Earlier in the year, I went to Welshpool, where The New Saints FC Foundation has a regular programme of events.

On this occasion, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) was there to film proceedings and interviews with the participants, as it was a project aimed at encouraging girls to play football.

I travelled with TNS FC player, Ben Clark, and Jack Bodenham, who was on loan from Cardiff City at the time. With just Nathan there from the FAW, he asked if I would do the interviews, while he filmed.

I gave my phone to Ben and Jack and it was only much later, when I was back home in Wolverhampton, that I checked and found the photograph that you can see in the lead image.

They kept it quiet on the way back to Oswestry. I must say it was funny and I still laugh at it now. I was well and truly zapped indeed.


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