A Lesson In Perseverance With A December Barbel – A Walk Down Angling’s Memory Lane

As a very keen angler, that means I fish all year round. Certainly with some species, they’re more elusive in the winter months, and especially so if you’re targeting specimens.

The fish in the image above was caught from the River Severn in January, a few years ago, when I was in my early fifties. As you can see, I’m well wrapped up, after all, fishing in the winter requires the right gear.

With the water temperature far from ideal, I set myself a challenge to bank a big barbel. I had seven blanks on the bounce but I just knew that it would come good in the end.

It’s important as an angler – and especially so for life in general – to know when to keep going and when to stop. The last thing you want to be doing is to chase an impossible dream.

However, when you have that inner sense of peace, and you know that it will come good in the end, don’t give up. Again, that’s for both life and fishing.

It was a brilliant feeling to net this fish and it confirmed my instinct was right. Another great angling memory.

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