A Walk Round Sedgley And The Benefits Of No Grass Cutting … Focusing On The Local Flora

Today’s walk, although I took my binoculars as always, was specifically focused on the flora around Sedgley centre. In particular, that was the park next to Asda and the Tenscore.

With work generally cut back (no pun intended), it’s good to see grass areas flourishing and looking very nice indeed. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to see wild and natural, as opposed to manicured and trimmed.

The video below features, in order: dandelion, daisy, cow parsley, scarlet pimpernel, white dead-nettle, groundsel, lords and ladies.

In reference to taking my binoculars, I saw: house sparrow, wood pigeon, swift, starling, magpie, robin, feral pigeon, blackbird, dunnock, greenfinch.

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