Birding At Turls Hill… First Swift Of The Year

Another day and another walk around Turls Hill, Sedgley. I’ve certainly done a number of binocular sessions there since lockdown.

However, I never tire of plodding along and taking in the natural world. Today’s birds seen were as follows:

carrion crow, wood pigeon, magpie, robin, stock dove, dunnock, chaffinch, chiffchaff, blue tit, treecreeper, great-spotted woodpecker, swift, blackcap, house sparrow, starling, lesser black-backed gull, collared dove, coal tit.

The woodpecker was seen at a nest site, with the female disappearing into the hole on a couple of occasions.

It was great to see my first swift of the year as well. Then, walking back home, I saw at least half a dozen birds around my house.

We have a breeding colony of swifts in the immediate area and it’s always brilliant when they return. They’ll certainly be featuring in blog entries over the summer.

View my 2020 bird list here

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