Today, While Listening To Diana Ross, I’ve Been Adding Angling Blogs Mostly Beginning With S… Write A Blog? Want It Featured? Just Let Me Know

I spent another few hours this morning searching the internet for angling blogs. It’s much easier to focus on a particular letter and this time round I targeted S. Although I already had a decent S list, that has now been extended considerably.

While making my way around the internet though, I also added a W and a Z. You don’t get many of the former and you certainly don’t of the latter.

In fact, it was the first Z that I have come across. I’ve now got 24 categories, so with just two to go to complete the alphabet, that’s my next challenge.

On the blogs home page, you will notice a number of featured sites. If you’d like yours there, add mine to your blog roll and just let me know. The latest one added is The Secret Angler.

Visit the A-Z Of Angling Blogs. If you are an angling blogger yourself, why not share the link on your own site, or within a blog entry? Let’s encourage one another, even a few extra clicks can be a big positive in someone else’s life.

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