Welcoming May With A Walk Around Sedgley Beacon

I’m still a furloughed worker and will be for the foreseeable future. I’m actually enjoying the relaxed lifestyle that it’s brought though, and in with that is the daily walk.

Today’s stroll saw me head for Sedgley Beacon, as I haven’t been there for a while. A change is as good as a rest and all that. I certainly enjoyed it.

You can watch the video below that I produced from the walk. It’s looking very different (green) to what it did back in March, when my furlough began.

Birds seen, in order of appearance: grey heron, blackbird, long-tailed tit, feral pigeon, magpie, lesser black-backed gull, linnet, house sparrow, carrion crow, blue tit, wood pigeon, common buzzard, bullfinch,herring gull, great black-backed gull, robin.


  1. Wolverhampton also annexed a large part of Sedgley and Coseley as well as Bilston, so it’s no wonder they like to claim they’re in the Black Country, althought there will always be a debate.

    I live in Ettingshall Park and I visit the Beacon all the time. I love the views and they’re some of the best in the Black Country, only bettered by Darby’s Hill at Rowley. I have photographed and studied the views and as well as the Cannock area being visible, Stafford can be made out on clear days and I have seen parts of Stoke on Trent on very clear days with binoculars, if you look north of Wolverhampton you can make out tower blocks and an industrial estate.

    The Roaches and Shining Tor can also be seen on clear days, I don’t think a lot of people realise you can see parts of the Peak District. The views towards the Welsh mountains are beautiful and the most distant point visible is the Breacon Beacons just over 70 miles away.


    1. The views are great aren’t they. I look at those landmarks when the visibility is good, of course.
      Sedgley Beacon is a great place if you live close by. I used to live on Ettingshall Park, when I had my first mortgage.


  2. Definitely OUT! :)
    Despite the fact that Wolverhampton some time back annexed Bilston (which is Black Country) into its boundaries – and in my opinion they did so purely to add weight to the dubious claim of being part of the BC!

    Put it this way, when Queen Victoria visited Wolverhampton they pulled the blinds on the train’s coaches to hide the sight of the Black Country as they passed through… it is said…. :)


    1. As there’s no legal definition, as there is for county boundary lines, for example, then it’s a matter of opinion not fact. I tend to include Wolverhampton in the Black Country but ultimately I’d say it’s about your own thoughts. Especially if you consider yourself Black Country or not, it’s how you feel and your own identity.


  3. Apologies, Stewart!!
    You do, in fact, say about the Urals!! DOH!!!!!
    Must have missed that bit when I watched that video – probably Liz called to me or the postman called or similar!

    It is quite nice up there! Much more vibrant wild growth than my previous visits too – used to be more sort of sparse grass and heathland type reminiscent of sand dunes with the sand substituted by limestone shingle if you know what I mean – and I’m not sure if even I do! LOL!

    Will certainly have to wander over there again more often! :)

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    1. It’s no problem, Steve. I blog that much even I forget what I say!
      Yes, it is nice indeed. The limestone area used to be a quarry.
      Some decent nature sightings can be had.


  4. One thing not mentioned re: Sedgley Beacon…. from the top of the Beacon, looking out directly to the east, the next point of land at equal or greater height above sea level is in the Ural Mountains (which is in Russia?)…. :)

    AND … you inspired me to walk up the Beacon this morning … and actually up the ‘wild lands’ route rather than up our road. Something I’ve not done in probably 10-15 years! And then it was due to ‘circumstances’ – Liz and I were in the estate pub (Three Crowns) having a quick pint on the way home from somewhere when some friends arrived and shortly later we decided to go to the Beacon Hotel but Liz and I were in the car, so they walked to the Beacon Hotel whilst I drove the car home and then climbed the Beacon itself to meet back up with them. Previous to that, the last time I’d been up there was possibly in the 80’s! Case of it being on the doorstep so gets ‘hidden in plain sight’? Discovered that the path directly behind our estate houses that went up the hill no longer exists and had to walk between the ‘Queens Wood’ (which itself has expanded immensely and separate small bushes and things of the old days have encroached and been absorbed as it were and become part of the wood) and the horse field up to where you caught our house on the camera… Also the land between the path up to the reservoir and the houses on Wolverhampton Road we knew as the ‘Fossil Hills’ – valleys and rises – as every piece of limestone, no matter how tiny, you picked up had small sea shells in it – but was unable to find even 1 fossilled piece today….

    Brought back one sad memory of 1960 … memories of the last time I saw my Uncle Gordon who passed away still in his 30’s from an industrial disease within 12 months later. We’d moved into our house in April ’59, Uncle Gordon, Aunt Linda and cousin Brian came to us for a holiday in 1960 … and during the week we walked up the Beacon … and along the path home, and the one I returned home via today, was a row of hawthorn bushes in berry and I remember Brian and myself having a ‘battle of the haws’ by pelting each other with them…. bittersweet memory… and last January, 60 years later, my Aunt Linda was laid at rest with Uncle Gordon in the Goytre Cemetary, Port Talbot.

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  5. Ha ha, Stewart!!
    Finally I’ve proof of something I’ve been telling Liz for almost 20 years…
    To close the living room curtains at night because of ‘the bloke up the Beacon with the binoculars’! LOL!

    And at 1:22 in the video you can definitely see our garden shed almost mid-frame down at the bottom of the hill – if you know what you’re looking for that is! Just a small white splodge otherwise LOL!

    All the best!! :)

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    1. Ha! I used to live in that area myself. My first property was a flat in Dovedale Court. I bought it when I was 18 and it cost £9,999!


      1. Been here for almost all my life…
        1950 24 November, Born in the Rosemary Ednam Nursing Home (later Burton Road Hospital, now housing) opp Bishop Milner school.

        Lived in Millfields Road, Ettingshall (No 36, now demolished) until April 1959 when we moved to the present address – for which I believe my parents paid £1,700!!

        Dad passed in 1991, Mom 2001 (both at rest in Beacon Hill cemetery) … and in 2003 Liz and I took out a mortgage to purchase the 2 x 1/3 shares in the property that my brother and sister held as part of their inheritances.
        So I’m really a Black Country guy – despite having lived most of my life outside the boundary thereof in Wolverhampton – but only just as our back hedge/fence, as are those of the other houses that back onto the Beacon, on and mark the Dudley/Wolverhampton boundary. Paraphrasing, ‘You can take the guy out of the Black Country but you cant take the Black Country out of the guy” :)

        A lovely place to live … not many place where, within 15 minutes of leaving the house, you can either end up in the centre of a city or else out in the wilds where you’ll many times not see anyone all day long… :)

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        1. I was born there, as well! Like many people, I haven’t really strayed far from where I entered the world.
          Is Wolverhampton in or out of the Black Country? That would make for an interesting blog, I think!


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