A Nature Walk Around Sedgley – An Ideal Time To Discover What’s On Your Own Doorstep

With daily exercise still being allowed during the lockdown, this time I was back in the centre of Sedgley, for another walk around the village.

As always, I was accompanied by my binoculars, and I saw the following birds: goldfinch, wood pigeon, carrion crow, mistle thrush, magpie, great tit, blackbird, blue tit, collared dove, chaffinch, feral pigeon, pied wagtail, starling, swallow, house sparrow and dunnock.

It was particularly pleasing to see several mistle thrushes, ranging from one bird in the park next to Asda, to three in flight across the Tenscore.

I also saw three pairs, which, along with the others weren’t necessarily different birds. Nevertheless, great to see. Bird list 2020

One of the implications of the Coronavirus lockdown is that we are limited to local walking. Although I’m aware of what’s on my doorstep nature-wise anyway, during the last four weeks I’ve taken that knowledge to another level.

Why not use this time to get acquainted with your own local nature? Whether birds, flowers, insects, trees or more, there’s a great world out there waiting to be discovered.

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