Do People Still Call Sedgley ‘The Village’? – A Pleasant Surprise With The Binoculars

When I was younger, it was common to hear Sedgley referred to as ‘the village’. People would often say ‘I’m going to the village’ in reference to a trip to the shops, for example.

With the passing of both time and people and the development of Sedgley itself, I’m not sure if the term is used much, if at all, by the younger generation. Old habits die hard though, and for me, it’s the village.

That’s where my latest walk took me, as I returned to Sedgley for the second day on the bounce. You can see some footage via the video below.

As always, I had my binoculars with me, with the highlights in terms of species being goldfinch and mistle thrush. While the latter was a single sighting – on the playing fields of the Catholic School – the former were out in numbers.

I saw numerous sightings, with at least fifteen different birds, in what is quite a small area. It was most certainly a very pleasant surprise indeed and great to spot so many. Several were singing birds.

The full list seen was as follows: lesser black-backed gull, starling, woodpigeon, magpie, feral pigeon, carrion crow, goldfinch, blue tit, great tit, dunnock, blackbird, house sparrow, mistle thrush, robin.

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