Birds, Flowers And A Stile Stone – A Walk Around Sedgley’s Tenscore

Variety is the spice of life and all that, as my latest daily walk took in Sedgley centre, and in particular the Tenscore area of the village.

You may live in the vicinity and not be aware that there is a stile stone on the Tenscore itself. It can be found at the top of the path that leads to Catholic Lane – not the main central walkway but the narrow one tucked away in the south-west corner.

The stone is a possible indicator, that at the time of the Enclosure Acts of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, it was an area of common grazing land.

There are lots more flower species in bloom now and they feature heavily in the video below. Although I walked the wider area, all the flowers were seen on the actual Tenscore.

As well as the stile stone, a mistle thrush and a singing blackbird that are also in the video, the flowers, in order of appearance, are as follows: daisy, groundsel, forget-me-not, scarlet pimpernel and dandelion.

Again, in order of sighting, the birds seen were: wood pigeon, magpie, dunnock, blue tit, blackbird, goldfinch, carrion crow, house sparrow, lesser black-backed gull, mistle thrush, starling, robin.

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