Happy Easter… He Has Risen! He Is Not Here – An Easter Sunday Morning Service With A Difference

Happy Easter! As a Christian, the scripture that always comes to mind at this time is when the two Marys and Salome went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus.

I call them disciples, because although we tend to think of the original twelve when we hear that word, by then those that decided to follow Jesus had spread far and wide beyond that initial dozen.

When they got the tomb, however, there was no dead body. While Friday was a time of death, Sunday was all about life. Today, millions of Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection.

“He has risen! He is not here.”

Mark 16:6

Although my working life has gone through transformation in recent years, nevertheless I’ve still been able to keep my ministerial credentials, and that includes staying on as the pastor at Tipton Family Church.

Today, we still had a service, but as you can see from the church website, it was very different to what you would normally expect: Happy Easter – Join Us For A Service With A Difference.

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