B Is For Big Names, Celebrities And Stars – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

Working in football, you get to meet – and know – a lot of well-known people from within the game. Along the way though, as the journey twists and turns, my path has also crossed with that of numerous stars and celebrities from beyond football itself.

One of those is Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle in the TV soap, Emmerdale. He is the co-founder of Once Upon A Smile a charity that does a great job in offering practical support to bereaved families.

The charity has a football team that plays several games during the course of a year, not only raising awareness, but also much-needed funds for the cause as well.

For four years on the bounce, I’ve been at the annual match played at Park Hall, the home of The New Saints FC. From radio commentary to social media output, it’s all been a pleasure.

Then there’s been the interviews as well, with a Danny Miller post-match chat having become a regular feature. Although I asked him in 2018 about Emmerdale, this time round I didn’t even mention it.

There’s enough out there on the internet about his acting career, I wanted to focus on the work of the charity and what they do. There were fans galore, who wanted selfies, autographs and chats about Emmerdale. I let them do their stuff.

Talking of selfies though, I did have one myself. That’s the interview, as well, that you can watch below. Due to the present Coronavirus situation, not sure when the team will be back, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

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