My Own Personal Nature Reserve – Blackcap, Lesser Celandine, Ramsons, Hawthorn Shield Bug And Bats

Have you ever wanted to own your own personal nature reserve? I do, it’s what commonly known as a back garden. My wife calls it a jungle but it’s actually planned and managed in such a way that it encourages the natural world to thrive.

There’s more in the video below, including footage of a hawthorn shield bug that landed on the table while I had my lunch. They’re fascinating creatures, and as you can see, quite obliging as far as the camera is concerned.

After I finished filming, while still in the garden, three bats were seen. One was definitely a noctule, and although I couldn’t identify the others from the brief, and very limited, view that I had, I thought they were brown long-eared bats.

By the time I got my batbox, they had gone so I wasn’t able to pick up their sounds. However, I’ll be back out very soon at dusk, and hopefully I’ll capture them this time. As they say, watch this space.

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