Another Binoculars Walk Around Turls Hill – Developing A More Intimate Ornithological Knowledge

It’s been lovely weather recently, and although it’s just my daily exercise walk, as allowed by the government, I’ve certainly been making the most of it. On a dry, sunny day, I once again headed for Turls Hill in Sedgley.

As always, I took my binoculars and the tick list this time was as follows: wood pigeon, robin, blue tit, blackbird, goldfinch, great tit, chaffinch, song thrush, jackdaw, carrion crow, lesser black-backed gull, jay, chiffchaff, long-tailed tit, nuthatch.

When you bird an area regularly you get a really good feel of the venue. There are some species that you see every time, while others just occasionally.

Every time you go though you put another piece of the jigsaw in place, as your knowledge becomes more intimate.

It’s been my local patch for many years, although I’ve previously walked it on an occasional basis. The current frequency though, due to the Coronavirus situation, means my insight is greater than ever before.

I’ve already located nesting sites of several species, for example, that I’ve become aware of through regular observation. I know the chiffchaff territories, the song thrush nest tree, even the holes that the pair of jackdaws are eyeing up.

Here’s my 2020 bird list.

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