A Is For Autographs – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

During the course of a year, I collect numerous autographs as part of my own personal memorabilia collection. Programme covers make up a large percentage of signatures collected, as I always get the featured player to sign the TNS FC match day issue.

As part of my job with the champions of Wales, I often get autographs on various items that are destined for the club shop, charity etc. However, when the item is for me I always let the player know, and as well as signing, they will write a personal message. That can vary from the standard ‘Best wishes’ to an inscription that is often funny.

The programme cover that I’ve chosen as the lead image is from the UEFA Champions League game between The New Saints FC and FC Copenhagen. This time there were four players featured, so due to limited space, after I asked Danny Redmond to take the lead signature, Adrian Cieslewicz, Greg Draper and Jon Routledge added theirs.

Whether a programme, a poster or some other item of memorabilia that I have signed, every one carries a memory and means something to me on a personal level.

The signed programmes can all be viewed here, while other autographed items can be found in various categories on my online football memorabilia museum.

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