My Amphibian Pond Gets A Spring Clean As The Smooth Newts Return

I’ve had a garden pond since we first moved into our house, way back in the eighties. Lots of people have one in their backyard, so there’s nothing unusual in that, of course.

Where mine is different though, is that it doesn’t contain the usual ornamental fish such as koi carp or exotic goldfish species. Instead, it is designated as an amphibian pond.

Our frogs, newts and toads have had their backs against the wall in recent years, so to speak, and all the help that we can give them will make a difference.

Why not consider a pond in your own garden? As you can see from mine, they don’t have to be big. There’s minimal effort and expense involved and the pleasure it will bring will be evident.

Give it a couple of months and mine will be alive with amphibians, especially the newts as they hang in the upper layer of the water on a sunny day. That’s for another blog entry though.

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