In These Troubled Times, An Enjoyable Walk Around Sedgley Beacon – A New Addition To The 2020 Bird List

I enjoyed my recent walk to Sedgley Beacon very much and so today decided to visit again. With my binoculars around my neck, it’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Talking of our feathered friends, it was good to see my first garden warbler of the year. I have seen them over there in the past and although they’re not as common as say, the chiffchaff, nevertheless it does appear that it’s a regular destination for the summer migrant.

I don’t observe many jays at Sedgley Beacon, so it was good to spot one in flight. The single bullfinch that I saw was a male. There’s always a good chance of adding that species to the tick list when I visit.

The full list of birds, in order of appearance, is as follows: house sparrow, magpie, wood pigeon, collared dove, blackbird, feral pigeon, jay, blue tit, great tit, kestrel, robin, wren, bullfinch, chaffinch, song thrush, dunnock, garden warbler, lesser black-backed gull.

Doing any birding yourself at the moment? Enjoying some refreshing walks in the open air? Maybe you live in the Sedgley area and know the Beacon? Feel free to comment below. You don’t need to register, just type your thoughts and submit.



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