You Never Know What’s Around Life’s Corner – Making The Most Of The Present Because The Future Is Not Guaranteed

One thing in life is that you never know what’s around the corner. A couple of weeks ago, I travelled with the TNS FC U-19s staff and players to Aberystwyth for the FAW Youth Cup semi-final game against Barry Town United. The 2-0 victory meant that it was a happy day indeed, with everyone looking forward to the upcoming final with Chirk AAA.

Little did any of us realise that football would come to an abrupt end – albeit temporarily – just five days later.

As The New Saints’ season is eleven months in duration, I have to make the most of the fixture list in terms of holidays. With an away game at Caernarfon’s Oval last Friday, as I did earlier in the season, I booked some time in Tal-y-Bont, intending to travel to the game from there, rather than on the team bus to and from Park Hall.

However, it wasn’t to be, and following announcements from the FAW, all games in Wales have now been postponed until April 30 – at the earliest.

Although I was on holiday, I was still looking forward to driving the seventy-plus miles round-trip to Caernarfon for the JD Cymru Premier fixture. Working in football – especially for a successful club – means it’s the way it is.

As well as that one, several other games have also fallen foul of the suspension, with the U-19s’ final joining the senior side’s list. In addition, I was also counting down the days until the Wales international games against Austria and the USA, as well as the Wales C v England C encounter, which was also due to take place in Caernarfon.

You never know what’s around the corner, indeed. Instead of some great football to look forward to, nothing. Enjoy life in the present, because, even though we plan our future, you can never guarantee that it will come to pass. That’s a life lesson not just a football one.

The lead image is from the vacation to Wales. I didn’t make the Oval with The New Saints but I did get to Harlech Castle.


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