A Stormy Front At Tal-y-Bont, Near Barmouth

With the waves crashing on the rocks at high water, aided and abetted by 50 m.p.h. winds, it was an impressive sight looking out across Cardigan Bay.

I did some filming, that you can watch below. It was right at the end though, just as I turned my my back on the sea that an enormous wave came in and drenched me. Now, that would have made some great footage.

By the way, I was in a safe place, well above the sea itself. I got the spray off the wave, not the power of the wave itself. Sea storm watching is good but it’s always safety first. I was absolutely soaked though so it was definitely a case of getting changed into dry clothes.

The video below doesn’t capture the waves in the same way that being out there in person did. It’s often the case, isn’t it. I often use the same point about football. You can watch it on television but it’s not the same as being there live.

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