Always Nice To See A Bloor Doing Well In The World Of Football. First Interview For Lewis, Following His Wonder-Strike For The New Saints.

Following the FAW Youth Cup semi-final win for The New Saints FC against Barry Town United, the player I chose for the post-match interview was Lewis Bloor. It’s not a common surname, and people often ask me if I am related to a particular Bloor that they know, but in this case there is no connection.

Lewis has been scoring lots of goals for the U-19s this season, and although he got just the one this time round, nevertheless it was an extremely important strike as it was TNS’ second that ultimately sealed the victory.

It was also a fantastic strike as well. With the ball dropping to him outside the penalty area, Lewis hit it first time as it dipped over the ‘keeper and into the back of the net.

This was his first interview and I thought he did really well. I enjoying doing interviews and it’s always great to chat with someone for the very first time, as they make their debut in front of the camera.



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