By Perseverance, The Snail Reached The Ark. Canal Chub On The Bank.

If you follow my blog entries on a regular basis then you’ll realise that there hasn’t been a fishing-related one for a number of days. It certainly hasn’t been for trying, as I’ve been out and about on a regular basis.

Without doubt, it has been one of the worst periods of time, from an angling perspective, that I’ve lived through. My February plans to fish the rivers were cancelled and even the brooks have been out of order.

I pass over the River Severn twice on the way to work and it’s no exaggeration to say that the views from the bridges have resembled inland seas.

Although most pools and certainly canals don’t flood in the same way, nevertheless they have all been affected by the soil that has been washed in by the heavy rainfall that we have experienced.

The colour of most of them has not been good from an angling point of view and that has been translated into tough conditions, as the fish have certainly not been feeding well at all.

When I was lure fishing recently, five pole anglers fishing with maggots had an all-day canal session with just two small roach to show between them.

However, I’ve persevered and it was finally good to get a bend in the rod. Targeting chub with boilies, the video below gives more insight into the session.


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