Jimmy Enjoyed His Stadium Tour At The Champions Of Wales. It’s Open To All, Feel Free To Get In Touch.

I get to meet lots of different people in the beautiful game and one of them whose path has crossed mine in the last couple of years is Gareth Thomas. Gareth is a groundhopper, so that’s where our initial common interest lies.

Living in the county of Shropshire, he has been to a few matches at Park Hall, and if you listen to TNS Radio on a regular basis then you may have heard him recently, when he joined us for a game.

Gareth mentioned to me about his nephew, Jimmy, and an invitation went out to bring him along, so we could show him around and introduce him to the players.

That offer was taken up last Saturday, when the two of them arrived at Park Hall for the JD Welsh Cup game with Newtown AFC. They had a tour of the stadium and lots of photographs were taken.

Jimmy plays in goal and he was able to meet our own ‘keepers along with their coach, Paul Whitfield. Everyone, as you would expect, was very friendly and welcoming.

The lead image is in the corridor near the dressing room, with us taking a shot of Gareth capturing his nephew and Paul.

If you’re at a game and you’d like a tour of the facilities, we’d love to show you round. It’s not just for youngsters either, it’s open to all. It’s free as well!

You can contact either me (stewart.bloor@tnsfc.co.uk) or our Fan Engagement Manager (wayne.greenshields@tnsfcfoundation.org.uk) and we will sort you out.

Welcome to my website, blogging life’s journey from a personal perspective. There’s more information on the home page.  

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