A Magpie, A Common Frog And A Pair Of Mallards. Life Lessons From The World Of Nature.

I saw my first nesting-related sighting as early as January 5, when the mild start to the year fooled a magpie. In Staffordshire, the bird was in flight with material in its beak.

A month later, on February 1, again the mild conditions prompted a common frog to put in an appearance in my garden pond. A day later, and I saw my first black-headed gull in summer plumage, close to where I live.

Unfortunately for the magpie and the frog, they were jumping the gun, as the rest of February, as far as the weather is concerned, has been all downhill from there.

It’s a reminder in life that while it’s good to be ahead of the game, timing is also important. Don’t follow the crowd and be one step behind, but at the same time, if you are to push on, it has to be the right moment when you make your move.

The video below is from the Staffs/Worcs Canal, feeding mallards while fishing. These birds came really close to me and I fed them maggots while I fished. Another life lesson there as well, as they made the most of the opportunity.


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