Canal Fishing For Bream In Difficult Conditions. Keeping Everything In Perspective.

Although it’s been a week since Storm Dennis hit the British Isles, nevertheless the effects are still here to see. From a piscatorial angle, the rivers are a no-go and even the stillwaters are thick with soil that has been washed in, courtesy of the extremely heavy rainfall that we’ve had.

However, I’ve still been out, and although the going has been very difficult, on this occasion I managed to catch. Just on the right side of the line.

Before we complain about the conditions though, let’s spare a thought for the people who have lost everything in the floods. In some cases that has actually been true, as homes have been swept away.

When you see the big picture, it always has a grounding effect. Even if you’re one of the people who have seen their house under water, there are still those who wished that was all they had to live through. Every day, people find out that they have weeks to live.

It’s always good to keep everything in perspective. It helps us through our own difficult times. I went fishing. Regardless of what I caught, how can that be anything but positive?

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