Storm Ciara? No problem…

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With another storm hitting the British Isles – this time  going by the name of Ciara – I was out on the bank for a short early morning canal lure fishing session.

It was extremely windy, but as I was only casting a few yards, that wasn’t a major issue. The photograph above doesn’t do the weather real justice, as it looks much different to what it was really like.

However, in spite of the conditions I caught, and that’s the important thing. Unless you actually get out, you won’t have a chance of a fish. Check out all my recent lure fishing sessions for tackle and bait used.

Regarding fishing in adverse conditions, safety is always the number one priority. Stay away from trees, as they can come crashing down at any time. I’ve seen this happen on several occasions.

Likewise, be careful where you park your car. Although it’s just a lump of metal, fabric and plastic you still don’t want it flattened by a huge oak.

I will fish in all types of weather, other than when there is lightning. However great the odds may be of being struck, nevertheless if you aren’t out there, the chances are zero.


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